one teacher making adult learning better

Manhattan Scholarium is a school for people who want to learn socially, collaboratively, faster, and better. 

Founder and teacher Jennifer Dziura has perfect scores on the GRE, SAT, and many other tests. For fun, she co-hosts the Williamsburg Spelling Bee in Brooklyn. But nearly a decade ago, she realized that not everyone views academics - and tests - as fun and games. Since then, she's been on a mission not just to help others beat tests, but to help others beat test stress, and move forward with their academic careers with positivity and confidence. 

Jennifer has taught for the Princeton Review, and then for a Korean-American study academy, and then for Manhattan GMAT and later Manhattan GRE (now Manhattan Prep, owned by Kaplan), where she developed the first-ever GRE curriculum, and wrote or contributed to four books and two sets of GRE flashcards, all of which can be found at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon. 

After seeing time and time again that the lecture-based format and "playing school" wasn't working for struggling students, she went off on her own on January 1st, 2014, to found Manhattan Scholarium - a place where learning just works better. 

As a venture capital investor I am often confronted with concepts that are very complex, yet need to be communicated in a way that people from a variety of backgrounds can understand. I have to say that in this area Jen is well above the majority of the people I have encountered.
— GRE Student

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In addition to working with typical business and graduate school candidates, Jennifer offers a globally-oriented, bespoke tutoring service for royalty, business leaders, and diplomatic families and their children. She has worked with royal and governing families of various nations in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. 

Jennifer is sometimes able to travel for on-site tutoring, and has traveled in Kuwait, Qatar, and Africa. More frequently, she works with students online (and during their visits to New York). She has coached many students to success from hotel suites in Manhattan.

Two of Jennifer's students have recently been accepted to the Kennedy School of Government, and one to Wharton.

One of the best teachers (in any subject at any level) I’ve had.
— GRE Student
I love attending to the Meetup every Sunday and really learning a lot from the class. I am also enjoying learning new words form the Merriam-Webster’s Vocabulary Builder book a whole lot and drinking it up whenever I can.
— ESL Student
Jennifer is engaging, smart, prepared, and approachable. She communicates in a way that encourages participation. She forces your attention with a high paced schedule and is able to move at such a speed because she knows the material and comes prepared to teach. Jennifer is genuinely concerned that everyone in the class is on the same page. Always willing to give more help.
— Former GMAT Student