What's different about Manhattan Scholarium?

Manhattan Scholarium is focused on how you learn. Research shows that the maximum length of a lecture should be -- wait for it -- seven minutes. And then there should be an activity where you actually do something. That's how we learn!

I believe in creating a collaborative and welcoming learning environment that doesn't give anyone flashbacks to when they were in high school, asking for a hall pass. The last thing you need while prepping for a big test is to have to worry about competing with other students -- that's not nice, healthy, or even effective.

We know learning socially is learning faster and better. Manhattan Scholarium is about learning in a fun, social, caring environment.

Research also shows that the "flipped classroom" model is much more effective than the "come to a lecture and then go do your homework" model. A flipped classroom is when lectures, when needed, are delivered via video, as homework. So instead of commuting to class to watch a lecture, and then struggling with problems alone, we push some of the instructional content to the online component -- so we can use in-class time for Q&A, diagnostics, and real, hands-on learning.

What classes are available?

Right now I am focusing 100% on teaching the GRE -- visit the Classes page for more.

Over the past year, I've developed two other classes -- Advanced ESL and High School Math Refresher -- which I'll bring back in the next couple months.

When does the class start?

Unlock the GRE begins February 22, 2015 at an introductory price of $499. The next session will begin May 3, 2015 at the regular price of $899.

How do I pay?

Registration on the Classes page is through Eventbrite (all major credit cards, plus Paypal). But you can also use Venmo (send to @Jennifer-Dziura) or write a check or bring cash to the session. If your company is paying (lucky you!), we'll work it out.


Classes are nonrefundable. Consider this your motivation to stick with studying!

If you purchased through CourseHorse, their Refund & Cancellation policy applies to your purchase. Please contact CourseHorse with any questions.

Is everything on Sundays?

All in-person classes are on Sundays. The GRE class also includes online sessions which take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Some of these will be pre-recorded videos and some will be live sessions, which will also be recorded.

Is everything in New york?


will you have more classes?

Yes. Advanced ESL and High School Math Refresher are temporarily on hiatus. Other classes Jen is considering personally teaching include public speaking, TOEFL, LSAT, SAT, SHSAT, and career coaching for women who want to do their own thing (as Jen does!) In the future, Jen will bring on new teachers, but that's a long ways away.

Am i going to feel weird and embarrassed?

No! Seriously, we care about this. We keep it super not-awkward! We make class friendly, welcoming, fun, and effective. I have found that most American-educated GRE students are very out of practice (and uncomfortable!) with math -- if that's your situation, you'll feel right at home. I can help.

Can I hire Jen for something else?

Maybe. Jen is an experienced educational author and curriculum designer. She is currently looking at avenues for developing online classes. She also designs custom curricula for schools and companies.

Where are the classes?

11 Broadway in Lower Manhattan. This is riiight near the famous "Charging Bull" statue. Take the 4/5 to Bowling Green, the R to Whitehall, the 1 to Rector, or the 2/3 to Wall Street. (The J/Z doesn't run to Lower Manhattan on weekends.)

We're in Suite 950. You have to get buzzed in on the weekends. Sign up and I'll send you the entry information.